Mereba & 6LACK Bless Fans With The Acoustic Version Of “Heatwave”


Mereba and 6LACK are back with an acoustic version of their popular hit “Heatwave.”

Last year, Mereba and 6LACK came through with a wonderful collaboration called “Heatwave” which received critical acclaim and also went on to be a big hit amongst fans. Mereba is a rising star in the R&B scene, so collaborating with 6LACK was certainly a huge look and the song didn’t disappoint.Now, the two are back except this time, they are bringing us an acoustic version of “Heatwave.” With this new version, the song is stripped back to its bare essential which creates a laid back vibe, with all of the vocal flare of the original. If you liked the original, you will surely enjoy this acoustic version, as well.Quotable Lyrics:Okay, I ain’t tryna die on this beautiful day
I couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing your beautiful face
So I’ma run like, I’ve been running the streets right
I mean, run like I just missed the streetlights
I fall flat like I’m trying out for track
‘Cause they beat a n***a blue just for loving that he black
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