This journey in Xyion, to me, is the centerpiece of all to come and what shall remain. Xyion, the term, “Shari’ah”, must be imagined as a geometric diagram, which will clarify interpretation more fully. Shari’ah consist of the circumference of the circle, which obviously the circumference is that which defines it; there is no circle without a circumference. Once the circumference is dissolved, the circle itself ceases to exists. Thus, for every circle a certain primacy is given to its circumference.

Likewise every circle has a center and the center of the circle of Shari’ah is the Haqiqah. It is from which is limited and defined by the circumference that is the Shari’ah. Xyion (for me) equals Shari’ah and this balance is the journey.

The Team

Adrian L. Miller

CEO Founder

Carol Rheinheimer

GM / EA to the founder

Bradley Campbell

Creative Liaison


Xyion Inc