HNHH: Kojey Radical & Mereba Try To Stay Afloat On “Same Boat”


Kojey Radical and Mereba deliver an uplifting record that’s necessary during these trying times.


From early tracks like “AFTER WINTER,” Kojey Radical has grown to become one of the most distinguished voices in the UK’s soundscape. Though an MC by trade, his musical journey has found him experimenting with sounds beyond hip-hop and grime. Frankly, that’s what makes his sound so refreshing. This week, he returned with his latest single, “Same Boat” featuring Mereba. Even with the essence of trap fueled into the drums, it’s a laidback record that finds Kojey continuing to showcase his vocal range while Mereba’s soft-touch adds texture to the overall record. As he details lost love, he also provides a sense of gratitude for the lessons learned and whatever the future has in store.Check out Kojey Radical and Mereba’s song, “Same Boat” below.

Quotable Lyrics
All that work inside the kitchen, that’s your recipe mama
I┬ájust pray that they don’t put me on the menu like mama
What do I do when the devil keep on testing my honor?
Finish reading the bible and go to sleep with my choppa

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