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GUMBO Announcing ‘Artist + Merch + Initiative’ joined by Chuck D of Public Enemy on behalf of Black Lives Matter Grassroots in conjunction with their new album release titled  ”Stir The Pot”.


GUMBO, the dynamic duo comprising Caro Adé and Danger!, celebrated figures in the contemporary hip-hop scene, have joined forces with the iconic Chuck D and Public Enemy on behalf of Black Lives Matter Grassroots to create a unique blend of music and activism. This partnership, encapsulated by the mantra “art + cause = community,” aims to make a meaningful impact on social justice through the universal language of music & art.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, GUMBO, Chuck D, and Black Lives Matter Grassroots are set to release a limited and exclusive merchandise collection during both celebrations for Black History Month and National Jazz Music Month (March/April). This exclusive collection is priced at $30, will feature a specially designed t-shirt curated by renowned stylist Tony Magnetic and artwork by Tristan Childs, along with GUMBO’s highly anticipated debut album, “Stir The Pot.”

What sets this release apart is the innovative inclusion of a QR Code that grants exclusive access to “Stir The Pot” for those who purchase the merchandise. This forward-thinking approach ensures a unique and immersive experience for fans, connecting them directly to GUMBO’s groundbreaking music.

Notably, a share of the proceeds from this exclusive merchandise release will be dedicated to supporting Black Lives Matter Grassroots. The commitment to donating a significant portion of the profits underscores GUMBO’s dedication to using their platform to drive positive change and contribute to social justice initiatives.

Caro Adé and Danger express their excitement about this collaboration, stating, “We believe in the power of music to bring people together and amplify important messages. This partnership with Chuck D/Public Enemy and Black Lives Matter Grassroots is a testament to the transformative potential of art when combined with a meaningful cause.”

Chuck D, an iconic figure in the music industry, adds, “Merch and hip hop have been a mighty duo since the very beginning of the genre, representing information, style and culture like nothing else. What GUMBO, Dr. Adrian Miller, Tony Magnetic and Tristan Childs are doing is groundbreaking, literally connecting merch to the music and the community.”

As the release date approaches, anticipation is building for both the exclusive merchandise and the debut album, “Stir The Pot.” Fans and supporters alike are encouraged to join GUMBO, Chuck D and Public Enemy with Black Lives Matter Grassroots in this unprecedented fusion of art + merch + initiative = community activism. 

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